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Women's Electric Folding Bike

The convenience and simple operation of electric folding bicycles are favored by more and more people, especially female friends. It is very convenient for them to use women's electric folding bikes when commuting to go to or get off work or picking up children. Then in the process of safely riding a women's electric folding bike, you are supposed to pay attention to the following matters:

Pay Attention to Speed and Drive Safely When Using Women's Electric Folding Bike

When driving women's electric folding bikes, we must pay attention to the driving speed, which can't be too fast. Female friends are inherently slower than men in driving. When women encounter emergency situations in riding women's electric folding bikes, they are prone to have dangers if they can't solve properly. Moreover, women's electric folding bikes are very easy to slip under emergency braking. If women's electric folding bikes are not properly controlled, women's electric folding bikes are easy to throw the driver out. Therefore no matter when female friends should maintain a moderate speed when riding women's electric folding bikes.

Tips to Save Electricity of Womens Folding Electric Bike

Womens folding electric bikes often encounter low battery during driving. It doesn't matter if womens folding electric bike can be charged nearby, but what if there is no way to charge nearby or in the wilderness? So always master the power saving tips! For example, when a womens folding electric bike is first started, it should be accelerated slowly. A one-time speed increase will cause great damage to the motor and consume electricity. Besides, women should avoid emergency braking or sudden acceleration during driving womens folding electric bikes, and always maintain a smooth speed. Maintaining a smooth speed is the best state, no matter if the speed of the womens folding electric bike is slow or fast at this time!

Regular Maintenance for Women’s Folding Electric Bike

Although the women’s folding electric bike is small, regular inspection and maintenance are necessary. During the initial use of the women’s folding electric bike, all aspects of its performance are not very familiar, so it is best to check it after two months of use. And when using the women’s folding electric bike for more than a year, regular inspection and maintenance are also indispensable to prevent parts from aging which will affect the operation of women’s folding electric bikes !

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