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Why Choose VICCI Folding Bicycle?

As an exercise suitable for all ages, cycling is becoming popular among people. Cycling can not only cultivate one's taste, but also soothe the body and mind. Why not do it? But whether in an online shopping mall or a physical store, among the dazzling array of bicycles, choosing a bicycle that suits you is a headache.

Since its birth, the folding bicycle for adults has been deeply loved by riders. It has the comfort of a mountain bike and the lightness of a road bike. With a luggage rack, it is a long-distance station wagon. The biggest advantage of folding bicycles is convenience. After folding, you can take large-scale transportation, or use the method of 4+2 to go to farther place for riding.

1. VICCI focuses on the folding bicycle

The VICCI brand started as a folding bicycle manufacturer, and has been focusing on technology in the field of folding bicycles for many years. Compared with other brands, although it may be just a small category, VICCI has been focusing on investment for a long time and researching and developing folding technology. Therefore, the folding bicycles produced by VICCI are all competitive products.

2. The cutting edge of the manufacturing technology of the VICCI folding bicycle

VICCI has been committed to producing and developing for a long time, so VICCI knows how to make a good bicycle. In terms of basic technology of bicycle body, the special welding of the tube and the geometric structure design of the body make the skeleton of the folding bicycle for adults stable and powerful. On this basis, the polishing and treatment of the frame make the body have a high rigidity while maintaining a light weight. With the high-intensity pedaling, the power can be well transmitted to the key parts to achieve a relaxed riding experience.

And VICCI is also very particular about the design of the body line of folding bicycle. There are often some protection measures and special design of the line tube near the body to facilitate the folding operation. The head tube, folding method, and handlebar design are also the places which VICCI boasts, all of which fully demonstrate the high-quality craftsmanship and design.

3. The painting design of the VICCI folding bicycle is diverse and beautiful

Many riders have high requirements for the appearance of the bicycle. In order to meet the needs of consumers, the VICCI folding bicycle for adults is very particular about the painting of the folding bicycle. VICCI's painting is very beautiful and attractive. VICCI's unique painting technology ensures the painting will not peel off and the color will not change even after a long time. Only regular maintenance is needed to keep it as bright as ever.

4. The quality of the VICCI folding bicycle is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

I have to say that many riders who ride folding bicycle for adults for a long time will build up a strong bond with it. Even if they don't ride it in the future, it will still be stored as treasures. Thanks to the support of many riders, the VICCI exclusive store has been established for many years and has been able to keep going on. You can rest assured to buy bicycles from us.

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