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What Aspects Should We Pay Attention to when Choosing an Electric Folding Bicycle?

Ⅰ. How to choose a mini foldable electric bicycle?

1. It depends on the battery life of the electric folding bike

It refers to how far you can ride after the battery is fully charged, which is mainly affected by battery capacity and engine power, but also by factors such as load, weather, and tire pressure.

Lithium batteries are preferred for electric folding bicycles. Although the price of lead-acid batteries is cheaper, lithium batteries have longer service life. Also, its battery life is greater, and its charging is faster, which is safer to use, and its weight is 30% of lead-acid batteries.

2. It depends on the driving experience of electric folding bicycles

Body: Whether the armrests, pedals, and seat cushions conform to the ergonomic design;

Shock absorber: How is the shock absorber system, generally, shock absorbers are placed in tires, seat, and front and rear of bicycles;

Tires: Pneumatic tires will reduce the bumpy feeling during driving, while it is more convenient to use non-inflated tires;

Brakes: disc brakes and drum brakes, etc., because the maximum speed limit is 25km, the effect is little.

3. It depends on whether the folding electric bicycle is convenient to carry

A lightweight, foldable electric portable bike for adults is more convenient to carry.

4. It depends on the shape design of the folding electric bicycle

Foldable electric bikes for adults with personality and beauty will be more attractive.

Ⅱ. The battery of the foldable electric bicycle

1. The lithium battery pack of foldable electric bikes for adults has low self-discharge and can be stored for a long time.

2. Foldable electric bikes for adults has a long battery life. Under normal working conditions, the number of lithium battery charge/discharge cycles is far more than 1000.

3. The battery of foldable electric bikes for adults can usually be charged with 0.5-1 times the capacity of the current, which shortens the charging time by 1-2 hours.

4. Women's electric folding bicycle can save energy, for example, it is charged once, and consumes 0.3 degrees of electricity (calculated at 0.60 yuan per kWh, costing 0.18 yuan); when the new battery is fully charged, it can continue to travel about 40 kilometers (calculated according to the load of 60kg under standard road conditions).

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