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What Are the Precautions for Buying the Electric Folding Bicycle?

Commuting transportation is a pain for many modern people. Although there are more and more subway and bus lines, they cannot withstand the surge of people. In order to make themselves easier, many friends prefer to take long roads instead of crowding with others. As for short-distance transportation, in addition to bicycles, there are faster electric vehicles to choose from. However, many friends have the impression that electric vehicles are similar to motorcycles, they are very large, and many places are restricted on the road. However, electric bicycles have evolved a lot nowadays. Not only are they compact and even foldable, but they can also be quickly on the road, and they are indeed a good tool for commuting to work. 12 electric folding bicycle is popular. Next, let's take a look at what should be paid attention to when choosing an electric folding bicycle.

Ⅰ. Set a budget for the electric folding bicycle

No matter what you buy, the most important thing is to combine your needs and budget. The two-wheeled electric bicycles on the market are mainly divided into mini, multi-function, new national standard, and top version electric bicycles.

Inexpensive mini-type, new national standard type electric bicycles are generally light and compact, well-designed, simple in appearance, and equipped with pedals. They are efficient and cost-effective. They are very suitable for the majority of office workers and students. The high-priced, multi-functional, top-equipped electric bicycles have added more designs to improve the user's riding experience, with various functions and greatly improved cruising range. So everyone should choose according to their own needs. Don't pursue a one-step approach, or you will be wasting money if you buy something that is not practical.

Ⅱ. Pay attention to the four major parts of the electric folding bicycle

Electric bicycles are also vehicles, so you should pay attention to the key components like choosing a car. There are three major parts in a car, so there are four major parts in an electric vehicle: the motor, the controller, the battery, and the charger. The quality of these four major items of the electric folding bicycle directly affects your riding experience and safety. When buying an electric car, you must understand in detail whether the electric car motor is a brush motor, a brushless motor, a high-speed motor, or a low-speed motor. Only when the right motor is bought can it function in a suitable travel environment.

As for the controller, since most electric vehicles currently on the market are equipped with brushless motors, the current commutation of the brushless motors is the most direct test of the controller. The quality of the controller directly affects whether the control of the motor is reliable.

As for the battery, when buying an electric bicycle, you need to look at whether the battery is lead-acid or lithium, and you must also understand the capacity carefully. Different batteries have different battery life, lifespans, and prices. The charger equipped with a electric folding bicycle battery depends on whether it has a cooling fan, and the temperature of the cooling fan will not be too high when charging.

Ⅲ. Choose the electric folding bicycle with good brakes

Since it is a car and performance, safety can be said to be the highest level of consideration. After all, what's the use of having a car if the person catch problems? In addition to sufficient materials for the car, the more important thing is that the brakes should be better. The car can brake well to reduce most of the accidents.

Folding electric bicycle brakes are mainly divided into disc brakes and drum brakes. Disc brakes have the best braking effect but are easy to lock and are more expensive. The braking effect of drum brakes is average, but it will not lock up, and the price is low. Whether the brake is reliable or not is related to the life and property safety of the rider. When buying, you should make a reasonable choice according to the traffic conditions of your city.

Ⅳ. A test driving of the electric folding bicycle is needed

Although everyone likes shopping online now, if possible, you still have to go to a physical store to have a try. Take a ride to check whether the brakes are reliable, feel the seat cushion's comfort, the pedal space is suitable for you, whether the motor running sound is stable, and the electric Details such as whether the display screen is standard.

Ⅴ. After-sales warranty of the electric folding bicycle

The after-sales warranty of the electric folding bicycle has always been the subject of emphasis. Because after purchasing an electric vehicle, it fails, it is very important that the manufacturer can provide good after-sales maintenance. The most convenient way is to choose an electric car with a trusted brand with a high reputation and good after-sales service. The purchased electric vehicle brand should have national unified after-sales service, whether the online and offline service system is guaranteed, and whether the after-sale service period and the joint national guarantee are complete.

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