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What Are the Components of a Folding Bicycle?

1. Frame parts of folding bicycles

The frame of a folding bicycle is the most basic structure of the bicycle and is also the skeleton and main body of the bicycle. Other parts are directly or indirectly installed on the frame. There are many structural forms of frame components, but according to the users, they can be divided into men's and women's frames. The frame is generally welded and assembled by ordinary carbon copper tubes. Higher-end bicycles are made of aluminum alloy tubes to reduce weight and increase strength.

2. Folding bicycle tires

The pattern on the tire is to increases the friction with the ground. According to the softness and hardness of the side tires, they can be divided into soft side tires and hard side tires. The soft-sided tire has a broad cross-section and can completely wrap the inner tube; the ground is relatively large and firm grip. The outer tire is extensive, and the pattern is deep. It is suitable for off-road and mountain use and is ideal for various roads, similar to mountain bikes. Hard-sided tires have lightweight, small landing area, weak grip, narrow tire width, shallow pattern, suitable for road use, but have the advantages of low resistance and light driving. They are suitable for driving on flat roads, similar to roads vehicle.

3. Folding bicycle pedals

The pedals are assembled on the left and right cranks of the bottom bracket components. It is a device that converts the horizontal force into rotation force. When a bicycle is riding, the pedal force is first transmitted to the pedal components, and then the crank, the bottom axis, The chain, and the flywheel make the rear wheel rotate, and the bicycle moves forward. Therefore, whether the structure and specifications of the pedal components are appropriate or not, the pedals of the folding bicycle will directly affect whether the rider's foot position is appropriate and whether the bicycle can be driven smoothly. Therefore, it is required that the pedals must have a pedal surface, must be safe and reliable, have a certain anti-slip performance, and can be made of rubber, plastic, or metal materials.

4. The front fork part of a folding bicycle

The front fork component is located in the front part of the bicycle structure. Its upper end is connected with the handlebar part, the frame part is matched with the front tube, and the lower back is compared with the front axle part to form a bicycle guiding system. Rotating the handlebars and the front fork can change the direction of the front wheel, which serves as a guide for the bicycle. The force of the front fork component of a folding bicycle is a cantilever beam, so the front fork component must have sufficient strength and other properties.

5. Folding bicycle chain

Chains are also called car chains, roller chains, linking sprockets, and flywheels. Its function is to transfer the pedaling force from the crank and the sprocket to the flywheel and the rear wheel, driving the rear wheel of the bicycle to rotate, thereby providing power to move forward.

6. The sprocket of a folding bicycle

The pedal force is transmitted from the crank to the chain, made of high-strength steel to ensure that it reaches the required pulling force.

7. The flywheel of a folding bicycle

The flywheel of the folding bicycle is screwed and fixed on the right end of the rear axle by internal threads and is kept on the same plane as the sprocket. It is connected with the sprocket through a chain to form the driving system of the bicycle. The structure can be divided into two categories: single-stage flywheel and multi-stage flywheel. Single-stage flywheel, also known as a single-sprocket flywheel, is mainly composed of the outer cover, flat gear and core, jack, jack spring, washer, wire stop, and steel ball.

8. The joints of a folding bicycle

The folding joint is the most critical part of the folding bike. It bears pressure from all aspects, so it must be very strong, and at the same time, it must be easy to operate and artistic in appearance.

9. Frame tube of folding bicycle

Designing a folding bicycle is as difficult as creating a non-folding bicycle. Although folding bicycles are widely regarded as the best folding bicycles in the industry, developers are always looking for more perfect ways to improve the strength and torque of the frame. Hardness has always been the goal of the developer's design. Custom folding bicycle is available for you.

With the market's increasing requirements for the performance of folding bicycles, more and more bicycle enthusiasts are looking for customized models with high recognition and excellent performance. Some high-end folding bicycle brands have also adapted to derive personalized professional customization services. Riders can choose a suitable riding posture with different transmission systems, duffel bags, ultra-lightweight parts, lights, and other parts, and choose your favorite color combination to meet individual needs and riding experience better.

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