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What an Excellent Folding Bicycle Should Look Like

The rapid development of the internet society has accelerated the pace of people's lives. The current urban elites are the first to bear the brunt. The boundary between work and life is becoming increasingly blurred. While maintaining efficiency in the fierce competition, they also pursue personal satisfaction and relaxation.

Aiming at the new elites, VICCI has designed and developed a series of models suitable for cycling enthusiasts with its folding bicycle as the flagship product, which has met the requirements of most cycling enthusiasts: comfortable, stable, commuting and faster.

Ⅰ. The performance of the folding bicycle

When most people think of folding bicycles, keywords such as small wheels, small body, and ultra-light weight flash in their minds. In fact, compared with non-folding standard road bikes and mountain bikes, more factors need to be considered when we are manufacturing the folding bicycle with reasonable design and excellent performance.

As the folding bicycle, it must also consider the need for "folding": how to make the folding not affect the overall performance, how to make the folding process more convenient and faster, how to make it more compact after folding, how to carry it easily after folding, how to control its weight as much as possible, etc.. In this regard, VICCI has already taken one step ahead of the whole "market" and has taken a leading position in the industry.

Ⅱ. Folding method of the folding bicycle

Among the many factors in the design of folding bicycle for adults, they often contain and restrict each other and it is easy to attend to one thing and lose another. Then how to weigh the pros and cons? Therefore, it is not easy to design and produce a perfect folding bicycle. The technical content and difficulty of the folding bicycle with good performance in all aspects are beyond imagination.

Over the years, the VICCI team has continuously improved and perfected folding technology with the advice of professional cyclists and physicists. From the perspective of the folding method, following the longitudinal folding technology, the folding bicycle with the roll folding method seems to be more popular than the horizontal folding bicycle.

1. Press the button (at the side of the cross of seat tube and the frame), lift the rear wheel carrier of the folding bicycle and swing forward.

2. Loosen the folding buckle of the frame again, and put the front fork into the slot on the rear wheel transmission.

3. Finally, fold off the head tube, remove the two quick release pedals and put them into the slot of the frame.

Since its establishment, VICCI, which advocates a green travel lifestyle, combines original design with leading technology, develops the fashion technology, and is committed to creating a relaxed, comfortable, and burden-free travel experience. It has continuously updated its design and innovated products with its different concepts so as to meet the needs of multiple travel scenarios.

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