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Various Folding Methods for Adult Folding Bicycles

Ⅰ. Folding method of folding bicycle and mainstream wheel diameter

1. Common folding methods of folding bicycles

①Horizontal folding (ie girder folding)

This type of folding method is the most direct, and is the mainstream folding method in the folding bicycle market. The horizontally folded structure usually uses the seatpost to be dropped, the head tube is folded, and then the overall volume is reduced by folding the girder in half.

The folding method of the folding bicycle for adults is very intuitive and the structure is relatively simple. However, because the folding joints are arranged in the middle of the large girders, problems such as large amounts and abnormal noises often occur in this position.

②Vertical folding

As the name suggests, the longitudinally folded frame mainly realizes the compression of the frame of foldable bicycle for adults in the length, and usually can achieve a thinner folding thickness. In order to achieve a small footprint, it is similar to an upright scissors.

2. The mainstream wheel diameter of foldable bicycle for adults

In order to meet the needs of customers of different ages and heights, we have developed three product series with different wheel diameters for foldable bicycle for adults: 14 inches, 16 inches and 20 inches.

2. The folding method of folding bicycle

In addition to the two most common folding methods for foldable bicycle for adults, there are some other folding methods.

1. Three-stage folding of folding bicycles

The frame structure of the rear fork flip combined with the folding of the beam was adopted, and many brands that followed up later adopted this folding method. The advantage of this scheme is that the folding method is compact, fast, and the riding is good. The main disadvantage is that in order to achieve the optimal folding effect, the active folding bicycle has made great sacrifices in terms of vehicle shape and gear shifting system.

2. Detachable folding of folding bicycles

In order to maintain the maximum strength of the car body, and to facilitate transportation and management, a certain part of the bike body is disassembled and folded. This folding method is more used for those heavier vehicles. The detachable folding frame can usually maintain good body rigidity, but the folding experience is relatively poor.

3. Four-link folding of folding bicycles

Four-link or even multi-link structure frames usually use linkage technology. Such frames usually require only a few simple actions to complete the contraction or folding of the frame when folding, so the folding experience is generally smooth.

4. Roll-type folding of foldable bikes for adults

As the name suggests, the roll-folding scheme is that the entire bike body is rolled up, usually by folding the front fork backwards and turning the rear fork forward.

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