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Types of Folding Bicycle

1. The size of the rim of the folding bicycle

The mainstream sizes of folding bicycles are 16-inch and 20-inch (there are also 12-inch, 14-inch, 18-inch). Of course, if you have special needs, there are also 26-inch size products. Generally speaking, products with a size of 16-inch and below are smaller when folded, which is convenient for storage and transportation and is more suitable for short-distance riding. If you often ride for long distances, you can think of the 20-inch size product. Not only will the riding comfort be stronger than the 16-inch size frame, but it will also be faster. Of course, long-distance riding is best to use a product with a derailleur. Generally, the folded effect of a 14-inch size folding bicycle is between 77CM and 88CM, which is also convenient for people to carry in urban rail transit. Although the bicycle rim is small, its speed is no less than that of a 26-inch size model. It is an important means of transportation for people to travel and rest in the city. Vicci provides high-quality China folding bicycle, contact us for more details.

2. The frame material of the folding bicycle

The frame materials of folding bicycles are mainly aluminum and steel. There are also very few products made of magnesium alloys and a very small number of high-end products are made of carbon fiber materials. If you often need to carry the bike up and down the stairs, it is recommended that you choose aluminum folding bike products. Most of such bikes are around 10 kg, and 20-inch ones generally do not exceed 12.5 kg. Not only are they lightweight, but also aluminum frame products last longer without worrying about rusting. Of course, weight cannot be used as the only indicator. The strength of the frame cannot be ignored. Some manufacturers reduce the thickness of the material of the frame in order to reduce the weight of the vehicle. It is difficult to ensure that the frame has sufficient strength. When choosing a bike, you’d better try it. Not only can you feel the strength of the frame, but also you can test whether the ergonomic design of the whole vehicle is reasonable. A good design ensures that you can stretch while riding without getting tired even for long distances. Custom folding bicycle services are available for you.

On the other hand, some high-end brands of folding bicycles also have the advantage that they can be folded into a small size within 10 to 20 seconds. This advantage is particularly prominent in VICCI. The unique folding design ensures that lights, cables and other things are not damaged. And after folding, it can be placed in a matching folding bag without worrying that the chain and gear will stain clothes and luggage.

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