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The Benefits of Riding a Folding Electric Bike

In the post-epidemic era, when public travel is unsafe, the folding electric bicycle is a good solution.

① Travel safely

Riding a folding electric bicycle must be on a non-motorized vehicle lane at a slow speed. The rider should be light in weight and abide by traffic rules, so that it will not be prone to accidents.

② Flexible and convenient

The body of portable folding electric bicycle is small and light. After folded, it can be easily placed in the trunk of the car, or taken on the elevator, or placed under the desk.

③ Save money

Folding electric bikes can generally run about 30 to 45 kilometers on a single charge, and use less than one kilowatt hour and a few cents, for a full charge.

④ Comfortable: it is conducive to cultivating the mood

Commuters suffering from traffic jams are prone to yelling, and their emotions are changeable. But when riding a electric folding bicycle, the journey will be very smooth, and you can caress the sun and chase the wind. You don't have to worry about sweating profusely when riding a folding electric bike, and you don't have to worry about stinking with sweat when you go to the office. Therefore, commuting with the folding electric bicycle is a happy and enjoyable journey.

⑤ Environmental travel, energy saving and emission reduction, reducing congestion pressure

Folding electric bike doesn't occupy much space, and it has low sound, no exhaust, and no fuel consumption. If everyone chooses to drive a car, then the congestion in the city will be even more unmanageable; Some people choose folding electric bicycles to travel/commute to and from work, which will greatly increase their contribution to the city's travel diversion.

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