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Reasons for the Deceleration of Electric Folding Bicycles

Ⅰ. The battery of the electric folding bicycle is low

When the battery of the electric folding bicycle is consumed to the under-voltage point, the controller will send a signal to reduce the speed of the electric folding bicycle to protect the battery. This situation is usually normal and can be solved by charging in time. The best charging time is 30% of the remaining power.

Ⅱ. Demagnetization of electric folding bicycle motor

Frequent overweight and overload will weaken the magnetic force of the motor and demagnetize the electromagnetic steel; if the motor is demagnetized under strong vibration or high temperature, all demagnetized motors will reduce power and speed. At this time, you can only choose to replace the new motor.

Ⅲ. The wires of the electric folding bicycle controller are rusty

This problem is very common, especially on simple electric folding bicycles. If the handlebar of the controller is wet and rusty, the acceleration will be unstable, causing the electric folding bicycle to travel slowly. The treatment method is to remove the rust on the handlebar, and then return to normal.

Ⅳ. Insufficient tire pressure of electric folding bicycles

If the tires are not inflated, it will increase the resistance of the electric folding bicycle, which not only consumes a lot of electricity but also affects the speed of the vehicle. At this time, it can be solved by pumping water in time. Please be careful not to overpressure the tires of electric folding bicycles, which may cause punctures. One shall try to keep the tire pressure between 310 and 380kpa.

Ⅴ. The brake of the electric folding bicycle fails

If the front brakes are not used frequently, rust will cause the brake rocker arm to be inflexible and difficult to reset; if the rear brake pads fall off or foreign objects enter the brakes, the speed will also slow down. The general method is to repair the brakes.

In addition, the replacement speed of electric folding bicycles including women's electric folding bike is related to weight. When carrying heavy objects, the friction between the vehicle tires and the ground will increase. At the same time, electric folding bicycles also have certain load standards. If they are forced to load, it may be fine. If you use them again, the speed may not increase. You should pay attention to developing good habits.

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