Folding Bicycle

After VICCI has been successful in applying the 3D forging technology in our folding electric bicycles, we moved out all-electric parts and get absolute pure green folding bicycles. 

16 Inch Single Speed FOLDING BIKE

The belt drive mode is luxury version which apply belt transmission system instead of traditional chain transmission system, it makes the riding feeling smoother and quieter.
The chain drive mode is standard version, it's cheaper and easier for maintenance.
H1C 16 Inches Chain Drive Super Light Folding Bicycle


The rider's safety is always the priority when VICCI designs a bicycle folding bike product. So, we apply the 3D integrated forging technology in the foldie bicycle frame making, it reduces the weld bead area and gets an impressive high strength frame. The strength can reach twice that of an ordinary welded frame. Also, the frame folder and its safety pin are hidden inside the frame, this prevents accidental opening of the safety pin especially during riding.

Normally the handlebar stem is composed of 2 to 3 parts by welding, these are a huge broken risk when an incidental shock attack. Our handlebar stem is only one piece by applying the 3D forging technology, strength is greatly improved.

All hub screw nuts and kickstand are hidden, it makes the appearance of compact foldable bike neat and tidy. Also, riders don't have to worry about accidentally scratching these parts. Therefore, all these design details above make our compact foldable bike safer and more fashionable than other ordinary products.

How Much Weight Can A Folding Bike Support

How Much Weight
Can A Folding Bike Support?

The strength of the frame of our connect folding bike reaches twice of the ordinary folding bicycle, Vicci fold away bicycle can withstand the load of 120 kg.

Are Folding Bikes Worth It

Are Folding Bikes
Worth It?

Sure, a good fold up commuter bike is absolute a sharp tool for the urban commute. Vicci fold away bike is small and light, you can bring or store it easily everywhere you want. 

Worth It A Fold Up Bike

How Much Is
A Fold Up Bike?

Because there is a folding system, the price of a fold up commuter bike is a little bit higher than normal bicycles, if you are interested in our fold up commuter bike, and willing to cooperate with us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How To
Fold Up Bikes?


Are Folding Bikes Slower?

Although the wheel of a bicycle folding bike is small, it is no slower than a regular bicycle when commuting in the city for fold up bicycle can accelerate faster at red lights. You can reach speeds of 16 to 33 miles per hour on a bike foldable. Fold up bike with small wheels has less air resistance, making it easier to go uphill on smooth ground.

What Size Folding Bike Do I Need?

In a general way,  fold up bikes come in several wheel sizes, such as 14 folding bike, 16 folding bike and 20 folding bike. If you want speed and a ride that more closely resembles a regular bike, 20-inch compact folding bikes are a better choice for you. But the compromise comes when it is time to fold them up.

Is Folding Bike Good For Long Distance?

Despite the fact that fold down bikes are compact and designed for short distances, they do not shy away from taking you on long rides.  These foldable cycles are as comfortable and practical as other standard bikes used for long distances.

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