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Is Aluminum Folding Bike or High Carbon Steel Bike Better?

The aluminum folding bike has better corrosion resistance and long service life, which meets the use requirements of outdoor vehicles in outdoor environment.

Ⅰ. The difference between aluminum folding bike and high carbon steel bikes

1. Frame: the frame of high carbon steel bike is slender; the frame of aluminum folding bike is relatively thick.

2. The shape of tube: the tube of high carbon steel bike is mostly round or elliptical, and there are fewer special-shaped tubes; the shape of aluminum folding bikes are vvarious, and the tubes of the frame have special-shaped structures.

3. Welding joints: the welding joints of high carbon steel bike are relatively small and usually not polished; the welding parts of the aluminum folding bikes are usually very large.

4. Weight: the weight of high carbon steel bike is large; the frame weight of aluminum folding bike is much lighter than that of high carbon steel bike.

Ⅱ. Factors to consider when choosing an outdoor aluminum folding bike

1. Frame

In response to issues such as whether an outdoor bike is comfortable to ride, whether it is light and easy to control, what strength it can withstand, how long it can be used, whether it can be upgraded, etc., the key is to look at the frame of aluminum folding bike.

There are two types of frames: hard frames and full suspension frames. Hard frame: It's more labor-saving, lighter and cheaper. Full suspension frame: more comfortable, no need to slow down when crossing a bumpy road, but it is sluggish to ride, not suitable for long distances, and the price is higher.

2. Front fork

The front fork is a component with high technological content in outdoor bikes. Mountain outdoor bikes with hard front forks are rare on the market. Nowadays, bikes are basically equipped with front forks with shock absorbers.

3. The braking system includes brakes, brake levers, and brake cables.

V brakes, disc brakes. The suspension brakes of ordinary bikes are not common. V brake: It is very powerful, because the braking is achieved by the friction rim, so the rim must be adjusted in place and not easily deformed. Disc brakes: Compared with V brakes, it is more difficult to lock the tires. When users are driving at high speeds, locking is very dangerous and can cause skidding.

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