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Inspection Methods and Standards of Electric Folding Bicycle

In addition to the "armoured" cars, the most popular means of transportation should be electric folding bicycles. Electric folding bikes are fast, don't have to be laborious when driving, and are highly respected. Today, Wei Chi introduces how to inspect electric folding bicycles and the inspection methods and standards of electric folding bikes.

Ⅰ. Strength of electric folding bicycle frame, front fork and handlebar assembly

The vibration intensity test of the frame and the front fork assembly of the structure is tentatively scheduled for a comprehensive examination every three months. There should be no visible cracks in the frame, front fork, and handlebar assembly, and there should be no permanent deformation between the centre lines of the front and rear axles.

Ⅱ. Electrical safety inspection of electric folding bicycles

Other electrical systems should be protected from rain. The shell of the electric folding bike body and electrical parts should not be charged. Its insulation resistance is 2M; the charger must withstand 1500V (basic insulation), 3750V (reinforced insulation), and 50Hz alternating current 1 minute without flashover or breakdown. Visual inspection and withstand voltage testing are sufficient.

Ⅲ. Inspection of plastic parts for electric folding bicycles

The surface of exposed plastic parts should be uniform in colour, free of flashing, scratches, cracks, bumps, other appearance defects, and injection molding defects. The exposed plastic parts purchased in batches should not show the color difference that the eyes can observe. Plastic parts should have uniform wall thickness and a smooth surface. The mating surface meets the mating requirements.

Ⅳ. Assembly quality of the electric folding bike

Assemble correctly, with no incorrect or missing installation; All fasteners should be securely fastened, and all rotating parts should be able to rotate freely. All symmetrical parts of the electric folding bicycle should be symmetrical with the frame's centre plane, with no obvious deflection. parts that are fixed It is not permitted to collide with moving parts; the speed change device must be flexible in operation, and the speed must be consistent and reliable. The relative deviation between the center planes of the front and rear wheels should not exceed 10mm. A safety mark indicating the minimum insertion depth should be placed on the saddle tube.

Ⅴ. Appearance and packaging inspection of electric folding bicycles

The surface of the plastic part should be uniform in color without obvious flashes, scratches, cracks and dents. Trademarks, decals, and marks. Trademarks, decals, and marks should be firmly pasted, with complete and precise patterns and correct positions.

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