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How to Maintain a Folding Bicycle

Although many people have bought an expensive folding bicycle, it may suffer from damage after a short ride. This is caused by users who don't know how to maintain their beloved bicycle. VICCI will tell you how to maintain the folding bicycle.

1. How to protect the electroplating layer of folding bicycle

The electroplating layer on the folding bicycle is generally chrome plating, which not only enhances the beauty of the folding bicycle, but also prolongs the service life. It should be protected and wiped frequently. Generally speaking, it should be wiped once a week. Use cotton yarn or soft cloth to wipe off the dust, then add some transformer oil or motor oil to wipe. If it is exposed to rain and water, it should be washed with clean water in time, wiped dry, and added some oil.

2. How to extend the service life of tires of folding bicycle

The road surface is mostly high in the middle and low on both sides. When riding the folding bicycles, you must lean to the right. Therefore, the left side of the tire is usually more worn than the right side. At the same time, the rear wheels generally wear out faster than the front wheels because the center of gravity is at the back. If the new tires are used for a period of time, the front and rear tires should be exchanged, and the left and right directions should be exchanged, so that the service life of the tires can be prolonged.

3. How to maintain outer tires of folding bicycle

The outer tires of folding bicycle for adults have good wear resistance and can withstand heavy loads. However, improper use often accelerates wear, and causes cracks, blasts, etc. It is important to inflate it to the right amount. The flat tire caused by insufficient inflation of the inner tube not only increases the resistance and causes laborious riding, but also increases the friction area between the tire and the ground and accelerates the wear and tear of the outer tire. Over-inflation, coupled with the expansion of the air in the tire when it is exposed to the sun, causes the tire cord easily to be broken, which will shorten the service life.

4. How to deal with the slip of the chain of folding bicycle

If the chain of folding bicycle is used for a long time, there will be screw loose. This is caused by the wear of one end of the chain hole. The folding bicycle for adults should be oiled frequently. Generally, the whole body of the folding bicycle for adults must be inspected and maintained within a week, so that there will be no problems when riding.

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