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How to Choose a Foldable Mini Electric Bicycle?

On the way of going to and getting off work, more and more people are choosing foldable mini electric bicycle. Due to its petite figure, it can travel freely even in congested streets. Compared with commuters in public transportation such as buses and subways, people using this mini electric bicycle can also not tolerate the feeling of "squeezing", and they can also enjoy the scenery by the way. So how to choose a mini foldable electric bicycle?

Foldable electric bicycles have two core parts: motor and battery

Motors for foldable electric bicycles

The motors of foldable electric bicycles can be divided into three categories: high-speed motors, low-speed brushless motors, and low-speed brush motors.

(1) The high-speed motor has high efficiency and large power, which is suitable for long distances, slope-climbing sections or people with heavy weight;

(2) The brushless low-speed motor uses electronic commutator to solve the problem of current commutation, so the controller is easy to burn;

(3) The low-speed motor with brush has low efficiency, large power consumption, and weak endurance. This motor is only suitable for people traveling short and flat roads and people with light weights.

Although the high-speed motor has obvious advantages over the latter two, the price of the high-speed motor is nearly double that of the low-speed motor.

Battery of foldable electric bicycle

A good battery can save consumers a lot of trouble, and a good battery has a strong battery life and a longer service life.

(1) Classified by voltage

The batteries of foldable electric bicycles are divided into 24V, 36V, and 48V types according to the voltage; The capacity is also divided into 8Ah, 12Ah, 14Ah and so on. The price of a foldable electric bicycle equipped with a 48V14Ah battery is higher than that equipped with a 24V8Ah battery.

(2) Classified by battery category

From the battery category, it can also be divided into lithium, lead-acid, and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Among them, the lithium battery is light but the capacity is not too large, and the lead-acid battery is large but heavy. However, the lithium battery is more expensive than the lead-acid battery, and the nickel-hydrogen battery is less used.

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