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Four Major Components of Folding Electric Bicycles

Folding electric bicycles are also vehicles, so you must pay attention to the key components like choosing a car. There are three major parts in a car, while there are four major parts in a folding electric bicycle, namely, the motor, the controller, the battery, and the charger. The quality of these four components directly affects your riding experience and safety.

Motor of folding electric bicycle

When buying a portable folding electric bicycle, it is necessary to know in detail whether the electric bicycle motor is a brush motor, a brushless motor, a high-speed motor, or a low-speed motor. Only when the right motor is bought can it function in a suitable travel environment.

Controller of folding electric bicycle

Regarding the controller, since most electric bicycles currently on the market are equipped with brushless motors, the current commutation of the brushless motors is the most direct test of the controller. The quality of the controller directly affects whether the control of the motor is reliable.

Battery of folding electric bicycle

In terms of batteries, when buying a foldable electric bicycle, you need to look at whether the battery is lead-acid or lithium, and you must also carefully understand the capacity. Different batteries have different battery life, service life, and prices.

Charger of folding electric bicycle

Attention should be paid to whether the charger of the battery is equipped with a cooling fan. Because the cooling fan can ensure the temperature will not be too high when charging.

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