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​Folding Methods and Mainstream Wheel Diameters of Folding Bicycles

The folding ideas of folding bicycles

The basic idea of folding is to overlap and compress the wheels and control system into one frame as much as possible, and reduce the volume as much as possible. According to the size of the wheel diameter, there are products of 700C, 26 inches, 20 inches, 18 inches, 16 inches, 14 inches, and 10 inches, 8 inches, 6 inches, and 5 inches, which can all be seen on the market. 700C is the wheel diameter of our common road bicycle.

Folding method of folding bicycles

From the perspective of folding methods, most of them are in the form of folding beams. Most folding bicycles adopt this method, because the design is usually simple and convenient, and the folding and unfolding speed is faster. Usually, for the products that are folded by the beam, the method is to lower the seat, lower the handlebar, and then fold the beam in half to achieve the bicycle folding.

In addition to this folding method, there are other folding methods. Usually, the goal is not to fold the beam to obtain better strength. Usually, the front and rear forks are rotated 180 degrees downward to finish folding. These items you can consider carefully if you are going to buy folding bicycles.

The mainstream wheel diameter of folding bicycles

However, due to the need to fold and take into account the adaptability of road riding to keep balance, mainstream wheel diameters of folding bicycles of 12 inches to 20 inches are more common. Among them, the number of 20-inch folding bicycles is the largest. The main reason is that the 20-inch wheel diameter is already a mainstream wheel diameter in the era of ordinary bicycles, and the standardization of spare parts and supporting production are relatively convenient. 20-inch bicycles are divided into very fine detail according to their functions. There are single-speed ordinary bicycles, variable-speed primary sports bicycles, high-end highway variable-speed sports bicycles, off-road bicycles, belt drive folding bicycle and other types of bicycles, which meet the needs of different people for bicycles to the greatest extent.

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