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Folding Bicycle Culture Leads the Continuous Innovation and Rapid Development of the Bicycle Industry

Since the invention of the bicycle, there have been attempts to make the bicycle smaller and take up less space. Practical and commercial folding bicycles have completed this historical fate, and a greater contribution is to allow the global bicycle industry to continue to innovate and develop rapidly.

Folding bicycle is a convenient means of transportation

The global automobile prevalence and the disorderly construction of cities in some countries have overwhelmed some large cities that were not so forward-looking in terms of original planning. And the high loss rate of bicycles has discouraged most people who plan to buy ordinary bicycles for transportation - Folding bicycles are favored by consumers for their lightweight and speed.

In today's cities, people travel by car, public transportation and bicycles (including various types of two-wheeled vehicles). Usually the government advocates taking public transportation. But because of traffic jams, it cannot solve the traffic between the station and the destination, and is sometimes extremely inefficient. Folding bicycles can often make up for this. It is convenient and quick to use it to complete the journey between the two ends of the line. If you are traveling in other places, it is very convenient to use a folding bicycle. The folding bicycle is not much larger than a large suitcase. It is convenient and quick to put in the train luggage rack. You can start riding when you arrive at the destination, avoiding many troubles.

Folding bicycle is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of sports and leisure

From a certain perspective, first folding bicycles are becoming a pioneer in environmental protection, conservation and health, saving time and eliminating the waste of private cars. Moreover, riding a folding bicycle is a pleasant thing: for a well-adjusted and high-quality folding bicycle, no matter whether it is riding fast or not, it will ease the mood of the cyclists on quiet tree-lined roads, mountain roads or lakeside trails.

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