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Continuous Innovation and Rapid Development of the Folding Bicycle Industry

1. Folding bicycle culture leads the continuous innovation and rapid development of the bicycle industry

Since the invention of foldable bicycle for adults, there have been attempts to make folding bicycles smaller and take up less space. Practical and commercial foldable bicycle for adults have completed this historical mission, and a greater contribution is the continuous innovation and rapid development of the global bicycle industry.

2. Folding bicycle is a convenient means of transportation

The prevalence of automobiles around the world and the disorderly construction of cities in some countries have overwhelmed some large cities that were not so forward-looking originally planned, and the high loss rate of bicycles has discouraged most people who plan to buy ordinary bicycles for transportation. Innovative bicycle, folding bike, is favored by consumers for its lightweight, speedy and convenient.

People in today's cities travel by cars, public transportation and bicycles (including various types of two-wheeled vehicles). Usually the government advocates taking public transportation vehicles, but because of traffic jams and not solving the traffic between the station and the destination, it is sometimes extremely inefficient, but foldable bicycle for adults can often make up for it. It is convenient and quick to complete the journey between the two ends of the road.

If you are traveling in a different place, it is also very convenient to use an foldable bicycle for adults. For example, when traveling by train, the folded folding bicycle is not much larger than a large suitcase. It is convenient and quick to put it in the luggage rack. You can unfold and ride it when you arrive at the destination, which avoid a lot of trouble.

3. Riding a folding bicycle is a healthy, environmentally friendly and leisure way of exercise

From a certain point of view, on one hand, foldable bicycle for adults is becoming a pioneer in environmental protection, conservation and health. Taking public transportation systems as much as possible saves time and eliminates the waste of private cars. Cycling brings health and vitality to people.

On the other hand, this is exactly what is necessary for a healthy and harmonious society. Riding a folding bike is a pleasure in itself: riding a well-adjusted folding bike, regardless of in fast speed or slow speed, will relieve the cyclist on quiet tree-lined roads, mountain roads or lakeside trails, and relax tense nerves.

In European and American countries, buying folding bicycles and riding a bicycle is currently the most fashionable sport. Europe has a long history of cycling and a deep cultural connotation of cycling. There, cycling actually has the same status as golf.

Like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany, folding bikes have become very popular because of their developed subway and rail transit systems. In these countries, foldable bikes for adults are not only used as a means of transportation, but a variety of high-performance sports folding bicycles have been developed.

Many people own such bicycles and take them in cars to the countryside for travel and weekends. Due to the small size of the folding bike after folding, there is no need for cyclists to purchase valuable bicycle frames or special carrying tools, just put them in the trunk.

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