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Characteristics of the Aluminum Folding Bike

Aluminum folding bikes are one of the most popular bikes on the market today. Bikes with aluminum frames can climb steep slopes quickly and more easily due to their light weight. Aluminum folding bikes belong to a category of bikes. Generally, a folding bike is composed of a frame folding joint and a seat tube folding joint. By folding the frame, the front and rear wheels can be folded together, which can reduce the length by about 45%.

Ⅰ. Advantages of the aluminum folding bikes

(1) The weight is small, which can improve the speed and acceleration characteristics.

(2) The aluminum folding bikes have strong anti-corrosion ability.

(3) It has high drivability, even when it is going uphill.

Most of the frames of off-road bikes for competition use aluminum alloys, because the weight of aluminum can be very small, and great strength can also be obtained through heat treatment and butted tubing technologies, which makes the race performance of the frame of aluminum folding bike excellent. It's a kind of cheap foldable bicycle, most of people can afford.

Ⅱ. Folding method of the aluminum folding bike

(1) Beam. There is a handle on the general beam that can be half opened. There is a protective plastic on the handle. First rotate the plastic, pull the handle out, and fold the bike with appropriate force.

Note: Some handles have insurance near the handle, and you need to open the insurance to start. After folding, there will be two corresponding magnets on the back of the front fork and the frame.

(2) Handlebars. Some handlebars can be pulled out directly, and the handlebar can be moved left and right. Some handlebars can be folded down, and the method is similar to the above.

(3) Seat. The seat of aluminum folding bike can be removed, and it can also be placed at the bottom to reduce the space.

(4) Pedal. Some pedals can be pressed in hard and then rotated to make the pedals stand up. Also, in terms of some BMXs, the front and rear wheels can be removed. Different models of folding bikes have different folding methods. It is recommended that you go to the official website to check out various styles of aluminum alloy folding bicycles.

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