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Belt Drive VS Chain Drive Bike

belt drive folding bicycles are becoming more and more common. The advantages and disadvantages of belt drive bicycles make many cyclists keen to try belt drive on the chain. Belt-driven bicycles are getting cheaper, which is certainly an effect, but they are far from cheap. What they provide is reduced weight, simpler maintenance, better durability and faster opportunities.

What is Belt Drive Bike?

Belt drive bicycles use carbon fiber rope reinforced nylon tooth timing belts to drive the rear wheels. Use belts instead of traditional bicycle chains. The belt is matched with durable stainless steel gears and alloy sprockets. The result is a very sturdy, clean and long-lasting drive system that requires little maintenance. This is the same belt technology used in belt-driven motorcycles and racing engines.


The following are the advantages of belt drive bicycles.

Advantages of belt drive bicycles

Belt drive is easier to maintain

Belt drive is lighter

Belt drive works silently

Belt drive allows you to ride faster and more efficiently

Disadvantages of Belt Drive Bicycles

Considering all these positive factors of belt-driven bicycles, why are not all bicycles made this way? Belt drives are not as flexible as chains, which means that traditional frame geometry needs to be reconsidered. We have been investing in chain bicycle frames for many years. If you want some drive to help you travel in the mountains, then the belt needs an internal drive, which adds some complexity. Among the advantages and disadvantages of our belt-driven bicycles, these are just some of the reasons why belts cannot replace chains.

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