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How to Select a Folding Bike

Folding bicycles on the market are divided into categories with different styles and prices which range from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Why is there such a big price difference? In addition to the different prices of materials, the production process is also a key part. Many manufacturers will consider the cost. So the technical process is simplified or some sections  are eliminated directly.

1. Folding bike frame

First, check the welding! The welding effect is naturally different due to the different equipment. Welding is divided into pure manual welding and robotic automatic welding. Therefore, you will know the quality differences at last

Secondly, check the surface of the frame. The surface treatment methods of the folding bicycle frame generally include electroplating, painting,post-electroplating painting and so on. The price of different surface treatments is naturally different. There is even a big difference within the same treatment method. Take the most commonly used spray paint for an example, the normal spray paint procedure is degreasing, pickling, phosphating, spraying primer, baking, spraying paint, baking, spraying gold oil and then baking, which is often referred to as "three sprays"and"three baking".The subsequent process will directly be affected if any part of the process is not handled well and the painting effect will be affected in the end. As for cost considerations, folding bike manufacturers often omit part of the process or the simplify some parts so that the price is naturally cheaper.

2. Folding bike rims

Most of the low-priced car rear brakes use holding brakes because they do not require high rim yaw, with a relatively simple weaving and modulation of the steel wire. On the contrary, the V-brake has very high requirements on the deflection of the rim. If the deflection of the folding bicycle rim is too large, it will rub against the brake and increase the resistance of the bicycle. Especially for the rear wheels which suffer large loading, it is easy to deform the rear wheels if the material of the rim set is also relatively poor, causing friction brakes and thereby increasing the resistance of the folding bicycle.

3. Folding bike assembly process

A product needs a series of tests from development to production, including damage tests, and bicycles are no exception. The parts are sure to undergo a qualification inspection. After the prototype has passed all the inspections, people will do the final riding test. Low-priced cars are very rough in assembly due to cost considerations, and the positioning of the components is random. Many inappropriate components are made  together, or they can't be completely matched at all, and there are no special requirements for the tightness of the screws. This practice of valuing output instead of quality results in products with different quality.

For those who want to buy folding bikes must watch out. You have to pay for good quality products. Cheaper products own its advantages but expensive ones exist for reasons. If a well-advertised folding bike is sold at a much lower price than its counterparts , you must be careful about production process.

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